Corporate Membership Package

MeActive is not just for women, we also cater for the workplace. This package allows your employee to join our interactive sessions online at a time best suited to you and your workplace. These sessions can be tailored so that those that attend feel comfortable and able. We can also provide instructors to come to your business and offer sessions. 

MeActive Benefits:

With the MeActive membership:

  • Employees workout without having to travel out of the workplace saving valuable time. 
  • Create an office dynamic conducive to greater communication and connection. 
  • Options for instructors to come to you instead of running online.

Live & Breathe GoodnessBenefits of Workplace

Cardio & Strength

An easy-to-follow session where the employees can energise performing light exercises to increase the blood flow and oxygen around the body. Upper and lower body exercises are also incorporated to help strengthen the core and body.

Stretch & Flex

This program can prepare the body for everyday work stresses. This is done through stretching and strengthening the specific muscles that are commonly associated with strains, sprains, or just need a good stretch. If performed correctly and regularly, these exercises may reduce the incidences of muscle injuries. Stretching is important in maintaining the muscle’s pliability and length. Great for employees who possibly sit for long periods of time for work.


Reduce absenteeism, healthier minds and bodies as well as reduced aggression are just a few of the positive side effects of a workplace yoga program. We can also provide restorative yoga for employees who want to relax and breathe.